Kilian McMahon is an Adventure Capitalist

Kilian McMahon is an Adventure Capitalist

Here are a19s, we've invested around the thesis that knowing the future is a pretty fucking surefire way to make money. That's why now - two years after founding the firm - we are delighted to announce the first new member of our family. In the next hot talent that we brought to AdCap, we were looking for less of a financier and more a soothsayer. Someone who had a track record of foretelling the hottest new technological trends in which to invest; the voice at the table who was routinely two steps ahead.

James and I are confident we found that person in Adventure Capitalists' new digital prophet - Kilian McMahon.

I remember the first conversation I ever had with Kilian. We were having our Monday partner meeting at Tarallucci e Vino when he walked right up to our table and declared confidently, "I'm going to play guitar with you."

"And Google is going to buy a company soon."

And sure as the sandals on James' feet, both of those things came true. It was classic Kilian - always seeing the next move before the player even knows he's going to make it. Much of Kilian's fortune was earned through leveraging these insights. In the late 90's, he accurately predicted the transition from analog to digital. In the 00's, he again foretold the transition from print to digital. And now in 2016, he made the stage at TEDxDonegalTown with the staggeringly prescient claim that the Internet will transition dollars to digital.

Such is the kind of trenchant insight Kilian McMahon sweats out in between twice-daily power yoga, his highly exclusive guided kale meditations and cross-country recumbent bicycle rides.

We're dead excited to have Kilian on board as our new investment compass and lead guitar player. He'll be joining us on stage at PyCon in a couple weeks time at the legendary Crystal Ballroom.  Please join us in welcoming him what he declares will be "the only investment band in the world."