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Kilian on the Phone, Blowing Up Deals

Kilian McMahon is an Adventure Capitalist

Here are a19s, we've invested around the thesis that knowing the future is a pretty fucking surefire way to make money. That's why now - two years after founding the firm - we are delighted to announce the first new member of our family. In the next hot talent that we brought to AdCap, we were looking for less of a financier and more a soothsayer. Someone who had a track record of foretelling the hottest new technological trends in which to invest; the voice at the table who was routinely two steps ahead.

James and I are confident we found that person in Adventure Capitalists' new digital prophet - Kilian McMahon.

I remember the first conversation I ever had with Kilian. We were having our Monday partner meeting at Tarallucci e Vino when he walked right up to our table and declared confidently, "I'm going to play guitar with ...

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