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MVP Album Cover

Today is #WFHDay

Today is an important day for our industry. After many months of stealth-mode fundraising, James Dennis and I are proud to announce our first investment vehicle, Adventure Capitalists. A four chord nanofund investing in rock and roll with tasty tracks talking about the startup game. We're very excited to share what we've been working on with you and our opening salvo in our artillery battery is the first track off of our debut EP, appropriately dubbed MVP.

Today is #WFHDay. That means if you are sitting right now in your cubicle somewhere, slogging away in an air conditioned office, dressed to impress and listening to Phil Collins on some shite radio off in the distance, it is time to pull and deskflip and declare to God and sundry that today is the day you are working for home.

Our first track is an anthem to all of you ...

Hello I Am A Genius

Lyrics: WFH

Rob rolled up his sleeves and got one of our associates (all of them have Harvard BS degrees) to tap out the term sheet for our latest investment, WFH. He wasn't allowed to hit the vape when we signed it either, so he probably remembers whatever the terms were best.

Anyway, we love open communities and sharing. It's one of those core value things here at a19s. 

We couldn't be happier to announce that we've posted our term sheet for WFH on Genius, fully annotated by Mr. Rob Spectre himself.

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