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Steve Jobs holding an Apple TV

5 Ways Your Startup Can Be More Like Apple

On the limo ride home from Burning Man, I was talking to a set of fresh entrepreneurs on the problems they were facing. In between updating my Mattermark dashboard and updating my DraftKings lineup, I listened to some of their problems. Classic issues every startup founder has to face.

Competing for top shelf talent. Finding product/market fit. Landing the marquee reference customers.

After letting them yammer a bit, I slammed shut my Air and stared at them for a long moment.

"Guys," I said, "you know the firm's position on this."

One of the ones bogarting the Pelligrino in the back sighed and replied snarkily, "Let me guess Rob.  Be more like Apple?"

"Yes," I declared. "You need to be more like Apple."

"But Rob!" one cried, "I don't see how constant comparisons to a $650 billion consumer electronics company is supposed to help my 5-person SaaS ...

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